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Our History

San Francisco Temple Complex Christian Assembly was founded in 1969 by the late Bishop Dwight H. McDaniels Jr., along with 26 faith-filled believers who embraced his vision to establish a ministry that focuses on service, worship, and exaltation.  Our church became one of the fastest growing, prominent ministries in the Metropolitan St. Louis area.  This constant growth demanded that we increase our seating capacity, until we constructed a multi-million edifice at 10191 Halls Ferry Road.  In addition, we are blessed to own and operate countless businesses, which include accredited Bible Institute, bookstore and café, residential rental properties, television and radio media, community multiplex center, transportation vehicles and other methods of community support and partnerships.Our church recognizes that worship involves an entire relationship with God.  

We focus on words, attitudes, and actions.  Our words are Words from the Bible; our attitudes depict that of Jesus Christ; and our actions honor and acknowledge God for His blessings and favor on our lives.  Therefore, individuals who visit our church enjoy a richful, spiritually-heightened, exhilarating praise and worship experience.

Children and youth are a key focus at our church.  Senior adults are celebrated, and people from all social and economic backgrounds are treated equally with love, hope and appreciation.  In general, our focus has always been and continues to be on people and helping them pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.  That’s why we offer an array of ministries, programs and services that ensure the nurturing, growth, stability and continuous prospering of men, women, boys and girls.

We personally invite you to visit one of our three weekly services.  We would also like to express our appreciation for your visit with a complimentary coffee or other beverage and snack at our café.  At that time, you can meet members of our ministry team and ask any questions you have about our ministry.

Come and connect with us as we grow in Christ.

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