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Bishop Luther Blackwell

     The dual ministries of Bishop Luther J. Blackwell, Jr., senior pastor of San Francisco Temple Christian Complex Assembly in St. Louis, Missouri, and Mega Church in Cleveland, Ohio, is known throughout the world. Traveling extensively as a lecturer, teacher and guest speaker, the Bishop has been featured in some of the country’s most prestigious and life-changing spiritual conferences and graced pulpits of the same magnitude.

     Bishop Blackwell (affectionately known by family, congregants, friends and associates as “Bishop”) graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Conservatory of Music at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. He received Master’s and Doctoral  degrees in Biblical and Theological Studies from Christian Leadership University in Elma, New York, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from Vision Christian College in Ramona, California.

     Bishop faithfully served for 15 years as Vice President of the International Congress of Local Churches, which at that time hosted an annual conference that ministered to 1,500 to 2,000 pastors worldwide. His music has been heard through his nationally-acclaimed recording company, Amplified Productions, which specializes in providing sound tracks for congregational worship across the land. It is one of the nation’s first recording companies of its kind. 

     Bishop has become known for his seminars on the Biblical Application of Money and the Black Believer, adding wealth and self-worth to their listeners. His two powerful series entitled POWER TO GET WEALTH and HERITAGE OF THE BLACK BELIEVER are extremely popular biblical references. HERITAGE OF THE BLACK BELIEVER has been released in book form as well.

     Bishop and his late wife, Pastor Lois Blackwell, started Mega Church twenty years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. Since its inception, Mega Church has been among the leaders in the area of racial reconciliation, demonstrating God’s ability to bring His people of different races and cultures together. Since humbly stepping into the oversight of San Francisco Temple in St. Louis, Missouri, the church continues to be one of the most progressive, Biblically-based, spiritual and corporate empires in the area.

     In recent years, the Bishop’s ministry has exploded in the Hispanic nations of the world, producing a marriage between two cultures that is totally unique, but awesomely divine. Only God could orchestrate such a symphony of diverse entities, as the chemistry between Bishop and the Latin nations of the earth commingle. Invitations continue to pour into the Bishop’s office from major Hispanic countries such as Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the like. It is very possible that as Bishop continues to walk the pathway of reconciliation, he could become in greater demand on the international front than in his homeland. The message of Reconciliation that he has carried in his heart for decades is now reaching a phenomenal pitch as he continues to resound it across the waters and around the globe. Bishop and his late wife, Pastor Lois Blackwell, are the proud parents of 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

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